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The Psychosocial Center (PSZ) Brandenburg offers people seeking protection psychological, social and legal support. Our focus is on psychosocial counseling, psychotherapy, art therapy as well as initial orientation, social counseling, independent asylum procedure counseling and independent legal advice.

ProjectOvercoming Barriers (Hürden Nehmen) - Psychosocial support for people seeking protection

In collaboration, the PSZ Brandenburg, PSZ Sachsen-Anhalt, PSZ Rostock, and PSZ XENION have united to provide support in overcoming existing barriers within the healthcare system. The collective efforts aims to address and bridge existing gaps, with the overarching goal of enhancing the mental health and social participation of people seeking protection.

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ProjectsImproving reception conditions for refugees in Brandenburg (VASiB)

The Cooperation for Refugees in Brandenburg (Kooperation für Flüchtlinge in Brandenburg, KFB) is dedicated to enhancing reception conditions for people seeking protection in Brandenburg. The goal is to foster a paradigm shift whereby displaced people can reside in private accommodation and actively engage in social life from the outset.

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ProjectPsychotherapeutic and psychosocial care services for traumatised people seeking protection in the state of Brandenburg

The project aims to enhance the psychological, health and social situation of people seeking protection and migrants in the state of Brandenburg. Special emphasis is placed onthose experiencingpost-traumatic stress disorder or other mental challenges resulting from experiences of violence, persecution, torture, abuse or war.

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ProjectNative-speaker psychosocial support provided by a Ukrainian psychologist aimed at preventing mental illness among refugees from Ukraine

By employing a professional psychologist who speaks Ukrainian as a native language, the project endeavours to enhance the well-being, particularly the mental health, of Ukrainian children and women in the state of Brandenburg.

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ProjectIndividual and family support for particularly vulnerable displaced people in the state of Brandenburg

Many people seeking protection in Brandenburg experience significant challenges in accessing professional psychotherapeutic, health, psychosocial and social counselling and support. This need is particularly pronounced in the rural areas of Brandenburg, where the care structure is generally less developed.

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ProjectPsychosocial services for distressed displaced children in the Ludwigsfelde and Luckenwalde transitional accommodation centres

Our art therapy programmes provide comprehensive support to distressed displaced children of pre-school and primary school age and their families. Through art therapy group sessions and professional psychological guidance, our goal is to enhance the mental well-being of the children and their families.

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ProjectPsychosocial support and psychotherapeutic care for people seeking protection in the district of Teltow-Fläming

The swift provision of care for people with mental impairments is essential to prevent long-term negative effects on their health. Therefore, the project focuses on enhancing psychosocial and psychotherapeutic care for people seeking protection in the district of Teltow-Fläming.

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ProjectStrengthening psychosocial health resources in Märkisch-Oderland

The projects aimed at strengthening psychosocial health resources in Märkisch-Oderland and Neuhardenberg are focused on enhancing the health-related quality of life for people with a migration background residing in structurally disadvantaged rural regions. Implemented as a pilot initiative in Neuhardenberg and Bad Freienwalde, the programme adopts a participatory approach to local implementation.

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ProjectIndependent asylum procedure counselling & asylum procedure counselling for LGTBIQ+ and vulnerable people seeking protection

The independent asylum procedure counselling and the asylum procedure counselling for LGTBIQ+ and vulnerable people seeking protection serve to ensure that asylum seekers are informed about the purpose, process and content of the asylum procedure and can receive counselling and support during the process.

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ProjectIndependent legal advice in the Initial Reception Center in Eisenhüttenstadt

Since its inception in October 2019, KommMit e.V, PSZ, has been offering open counselling three days a week as part of the independent legal advice service at the EAE Eisenhüttenstadt.

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ProjectLegal counselling for homeless displaced people struggling with addiction at the Berlin Leopoldplatz

This project provides weekly legal advice on asylum, residence and social law specifically tailored for homeless displaced people struggling with addiction at Leopoldplatz.

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Inactive ProjectAsylum procedure counselling in the district of Elbe-Elster

The project aims to assist people seeking protection in achieving independence in their lives. This support is crucial due to various challenges, including complex asylum and immigration procedures, social difficulties, and psychological stress resulting from experiences of persecution and displacement, as well as language barriers and obstacles in education and vocational training processes.

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